Since 2007 Blankarch has collaborated with well-known and established brands in the field of fashion and design, for whom it has developed design and project construction management both in Italy and abroad, with full satisfaction by the Clients for accomplishing the goals. The team of professionals works primarily in Milan, where are localized the company’s headquarters and where there have been numerous consultancies in the Fashion district and in other areas of the city. The firm has been able to intervene, showing the same professionalism in several of the Italian cities as in many foreign countries.

For more complex projects that require coordination and capability to interface with other professionals , the firm is able to comply with these needs by bringing in specific expertises in the following areas:

Blankarch has gained experience in the application of commercial practices for its customers, including authorizations for the neighborhood sale , medium structure, licenses for the sale of precious and perfumes, maintaining relations with the public administrations involved such as the Chambers of Commerce, the Commercial Office, the Police Headquarters and the Customs Agencies.

Blankarch has also a competence in the development and approval of promotional projects related to Events such as the Milan Design Week , Fashion Shows Fall-Winter Spring-Summer and Xmast be realized on the facades of boutiques and promotional art installations ,operating in the principal italian cities.

Servizi / Services Blankarch

  • Feasibility studies and rough estimates of the real estate operations;
  • Concept Design;
  • Interior Design;
  • Execution and construction design;
  • Lighting Design;
  • Project Management;
  • Selection of materials and finishes;
  • Construction Management: Works Timetable, Works Coordination, Safety Control, Quality Control;
  • Work program, construction management to control time / cost and coordination;
  • Project Management and Testing of Technical Facilities: Electric System, A/C, Alarm System;
  • Municipal Building Permits from the related Authorities. Administrative and construction procedures at the city Council;
  • Permits and licenses for commercial opening activities;
  • Fire prevention for obtaining preventive approval;
  • Tender Quotation;
  • Safety Coordinator in the design and execution phase;
  • Control and supervision of construction quality. Testing and punch list;